64 bits version

Faster, more accurate, wider: ATDI products now available in 64-bit version

Accelerate the pace of your projects: significantly faster simulations with 64-bit version of ATDI tools!

ATDI has released 64-bit versions of all its best-in-class radio planning and spectrum management software solutions including ICS telecom, ICS designer, ICS LT, ICS manager and HTZ warfare.
It allows our customers to choose the solution that fits best not only their radio planning projects, but also parameters and capacity of their computers and, above all, time constraints.

Choose 64-bit version for the following benefits:

  • Faster calculations
  • Even larger map areas
  • Increased accuracy
  • Handling of large files
  • Reduction of total planning and simulation time

64-bit version is available now and provided at no additional cost for all ATDI customers under maintenance and support contract.

Contact us for more information or to request your 64-bit version of software here.