ICS and HTZ: The most powerful frequency assignment engine has just got better!

Posted by: In: Products 03 Aug 2013

ICS and HTZ now incorporate constraint diagrams in the Automatic Frequency Assignment functionality.

Using these constraint diagrams, users can set the rules applied for frequency assignment and display on the map all of the restrictions between stations.
Constraint diagrams are polygon objects attached to stations to assign, created automatically or manually from:
. Neighbour stations
. Threshold limited coverage
. RRC 06 (Geneva 06)
. Sectors and distances restrictions
. Allotments
. Cells
. Import polygons (KML, Shapefile, Mif/Mid, DXF, ASCII, VEC formats supported)
. User defined polygon drawing

Constraints diagrams are available in Iterative, Sequential, Exhaustive and Monte-Carlo frequency assignment methods.

Below are just a few examples of what can be achieved:ConstraintDiag

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