Interactive TV

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Interactive TV publishing division of ATDI is created at the end of 2010 with the aim to focus on Advanced Video Solutions developments.

Main tasks Interactive TV publishing division of ATDI are:

  • creation, update and development of Advanced Video Solutions

  • marketing and sales activities of Advanced Video Solutions

  • negotiations with existing and prospective customers


Internet video is growing at more than 50% per year and will soon represent 90% of all Internet traffic : The video communications market is open !
For the first time, the industry and brand sites can move from short format, low quality video to longer-play, high definition video, rich-media interactive and monetization.


With AVS Live, ATDI has designed and deployed an end-to-end service for emerging « content provider » to deliver high quality video over the standard Internet. A complete suite of turnkey Internet broadcast solutions, AVS Live enables leading brands and content owners to realize the full potential of their media assets.


ATDI’s service is focused on commercial video, high-definition, and rich media contents requirements. Whether you need to create revenue through advertising or e-store, or co-branding, AVS Live delivers monetization solutions that support a wide variety of business models.

  • Unlike existing solutions, ATDI’s advanced service delivery network provides:

  • Live video streaming and VOD

  • Full screen hi-definition video

  • Scalability to mass consumer

  • Lower cost of delivery for video content

  • Terabit network

  • Storage capacity


  • Video player integration and customization

  • Web broadcasting

  • Web site development

  • Shooting/Filming

  • Post-production

  • Producing